Ivy Dashboard Designer Released

Ivy Dashboard Designer

Hey folks! We are happy to announce the release of our Ivy Dashboard Designer Proof of Concept! This Pentaho Plugin allows users to quickly and easily create responsive mobile dashboards using either Saiku Analysis Views or existing CDA datasources. Simply drag and drop the component you want to add to the dashboard and set the datasource and components options. You can read more here

About the author

Harris Ward is the Managing Director of Ivy Information Systems. He has been working in Open Source Business Intelligence for a number of clients developing solutions and providing training spanning 10 years


  1. Marvin Horst

    This was not working for me initially. I discovered that this only works with Saiku Analytics 2.6 and not with the latest 3.0

    • admin

      You’re right!

      We are using Saiku 2.6 for the Dashboard Designer. In the future we will support Saiku 3 but for the time being we recommend you install Saiku 2.6 from the Pentaho marketplace to use with the Ivy Dashboard Designer

  2. miroslaw

    It doesn’t want to work with Pentaho 5.2. When I open I have blank page. Is it require any extra settings in Pentaho ?

    • admin

      We are just in the process of updating the IvyDD for Pentaho 5.2 and Saiku 3. Stay tuned in the next couple of days for an update

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