New IvyDC Components. Pentaho Analyzer and Ion Slider

We’re happy to  announce that we had created two new components and added them to the Ivy Dashboard Component (IvyDC) Pentaho plugin. The two new components are the Ion Slider Component and the Pentaho EE Analyzer Component. The Slider allows the end user to select a value by sliding a button from left to right. The Pentaho EE Analyzer Component allows users to embed Enterprise Analyser Views directly into a CDE Dashboard.

As always, our update comes with samples and documentation.


If you are new to the IvyDC then you can simply install the plugin via the Marketplace.

If you have already installed the IvyDC via the Pentaho Marketplace then please uninstall and reinstall your version. This is due to a small version mistake that was made on the first release

Have fun!

About the author

Harris Ward is the Managing Director of Ivy Information Systems. He has been working in Open Source Business Intelligence for a number of clients developing solutions and providing training spanning 10 years


  1. Sadakar

    How to combine this slider with a chart ?
    for instance : Slider in this

    Interaction b/w a chart and slider – On moving data on the slider , data has to change on the chart accordingly ?

    How to do this using this slider in Pentaho CDE ?

  2. sadakar

    Hello Ivy Guys,
    Does this slider support date values ?

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