Pentaho Data Integration Mongo Steps

Howdy folks!

Another new update for all you Big Data fans out there. We have just completed some additional steps for Pentaho Data Integration to work with your data stored in MongoDB.

So what are these steps and what do they do?

MongoDB Map Reduce

The MongoDB Map Reduce step does exactly what you’d think. It allows you to execute Map Reduce functions against your MongoDB Collection to extract data. This step is a lot more flexible that the MongoDB Aggregation Framework however it might not be the best for performance. Its possible output the result as individual fields or a single JSON document


Mongo Map Reduce
A sample Reduce Function
Mongo map Reduce Fields
Outputting the result as individual fields

MongoDB Lookup

The MongoDB Lookup step acts much like the existing lookup steps in Pentaho Data Integration but with a small difference, you can lookup data from collections directly from your MongoDB database! At the moment there is no easy way to do this in PDI unless you can write Java code let alone possible in MongoDB itself.

Mongo Lookup
Defining the key for the lookup and fields to get from the collection.

This is just a small contribution to our long list of Big Data steps planned for release in the near future.

Did I hear you say Couchbase steps? JSON Data Type and additional steps?? Try to stay calm!

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